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LEXCORP ATTORNEYS Representation and Legal Consulting

LEXCORP ATTORNEYS born in 1995, with the purpose of providing quality representation and legal advice for both foreign and domestic clientele that wish to incur in business matters within our country.
We offer our services through a highly experienced and committed group of lawyers that continuously pursue the satisfaction of our client's needs, thus creating a first class law firm, providing our services with transparency, ethics, reliability and the solidity that 20 years' experience gives us.


With a proven background of 20 years' experience, Lexcorp is prepared to address any needs their clients may encounter no matter the complexity of the issue in question.


In a modern world where time invested is of great value, our lawyers are relentlessly working in order to give our client's needs rapid solution.


We are continuously searching for impeccable performance thus ensuring our clients trust to fulfill their legal needs.


Our firm is recognized nationwide, with three offices throughout Mexico and now one in the U.S.

LexCorp Attorneys

Legal advice and representation

over 20 years of experience ---

Our mission is to provide our customers with professional services that exceed their expectations based on our expertise; delivering ethic, transparent, personalized and high quality legal advice, regarding a wide range of legal matters.